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App Features



  • Lightning fast drug search
  • Unbiased information - zero pharmaceutical sponsorship and no advertisements
  • Easy access to full FDA prescribing information

Interaction Checker

  • Reports interactions as well as overlapping precautions and side effects
  • Super accurate (catches all of these interactions)
  • Provides potentially life-saving information

🗄Med Organizer

  • Simplify complex medication regimens
  • Run interaction checks
  • Share by print/email with your loved ones and medical team


  • Test your drug and medication knowledge
  • Unlimited multiple choice and flashcards
  • The best drug study guide, period

What Are People Saying?



"As a healthcare professional I can't tell you how important a list of meds you take is with you. Too many patients haven't a clue what meds they take and for what conditions. Use this app or get a family member to fill out the info and you are set to go. Indispensable."



"You can set reminders for meds, and I love the interaction feature where you can enter one or more meds to see if they have unwanted side effects or have bad interactions. You can also search any other meds, prescription or OTC and get additional info about them. Great app!! So useful and helpful!!"



"I am a nursing student...Having this app available at hand allows me to access medications, contraindications and side effects readily at hand. This has been a huge help for me while doing my care plans and doing assessments. I will continue to use the RX app long after I get my BSN and is such a valuable tool for nurses."